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null STUK has published the national report on nuclear safety as required by the Convention on Nuclear Safety

STUK has published the national report on nuclear safety as required by the Convention on Nuclear Safety

26.8.2019 kl 11:30

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority has published the national report on nuclear safety as required by the Convention on Nuclear Safety and submitted it to the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA. In the report, Finland describes its national actions in order to meet its obligations related to nuclear safety as required in the convention.

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’s report is an updated review of nuclear safety in Finland. It provides a detailed discussion concerning the plant-specific safety assessments, safety issues which have arisen and the safety improvements implemented. Furthermore, the report describes how Finland is implementing the obligations of the convention in terms of regulations and activities of the authorities.

The report concludes that Finland fulfils the obligations of the Convention on Nuclear Safety and promotes the meeting of its objectives. Safety improvements have been implemented in Finnish nuclear power plants on a long-term basis, starting from the commissioning of the plants. The recommendations resulting from the stress tests following the Fukushima nuclear accident have also been implemented. Therefore, no immediate safety improvements are needed in Finnish nuclear facilities as a result of the Convention. This does not, however, mean that safety should not be developed in accordance with the more detailed national legislation.

The report identifies good practices and challenges related to nuclear safety in Finland. Good practices include, among other things, the promotion of safety culture, the SAFIR research programme (http://safir2022.vtt.fi/) and the volunteer radiation measurement groups (https://www.stuk.fi/-/joukko-vapaaehtoisia-saa-koulutusta-ympariston-sateilymittauksiin) which support the operation of the authorities in case of an accident.  Challenges include the development of more risk-aware supervision and regulations and to emphasize the responsibility of licensees as well as the opportunities to grant permissions to new technologies. In the coming years, making provisions for the ageing of facilities and, on the other hand, the transformation of Olkiluoto 3 from a construction project into an operating power plant, which requires a new approach both from STUK and from TVO, will also require attention.

Convention as a basis for the global development of nuclear safety

The Convention on Nuclear Safety creates the international legal basis for the global development of nuclear safety. The parties to the Convention must submit regular reports to IAEA of their actions concerning the promotion of the nuclear safety objectives stated in the Convention.

So-called review meetings in which the other parties conduct a peer review of the other parties’ reports are a central tool of execution of the Convention. Finland’s report will be reviewed in the eight review meeting in the spring of 2020.

The entire report is available in Julkari: https://www.julkari.fi/handle/10024/138428

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