Cores symposium on applications of big data, sensor networks, robotics and artificial intelligence in radiation safety

Cores symposium on applications of big data, sensor networks, robotics and artificial intelligence in radiation safety

5-6 September 2018, Tampere, Finland

The objective of this symposium was to share experiences on the use of big data, high performance counting and modelling, and self-learning systems in radiation research and to consider their applications for improved radiation safety.

The programme and the presentations

Wednesday 5 September, 2018

Big data and informatics
National programme and Consortium for radiation safety research
Sisko Salomaa, STUK and University of Eastern Finland
Artificial intelligence and machine learning for modelling physical systems
Antti Honkela, University of Helsinki
Citizen science - Open environmental data for everyone
Azby Brown, SAFECAST, Japan
Application of robotics in radiation measurements
Juha Röning, University of Oulu


Medical radiation. Infrastructures and research platforms.  
National architecture for imaging
Tarja Herttuainen, The Social insurance Institution (KELA)
Finnish biobanks – the most advanced testbed in the world
Jaana Hartikainen, Biobank of Eastern Finland and University of Eastern Finland
Radiomics - research challenges identified by EURAMED
Christoph Hoeschen, University of Magdeburg, Germany


Medical radiation. Applications and practices.  
Towards measuring outcome in radiological optimisation
Mika Kortesniemi, HUS
Reducing variability in radiotherapy treatment planning using machine learning and knowledge-based methods
Joakim Pyyry, Varian Medical Systems Finland Oy


Thursday 6 September, 2018

Radiological and nuclear emergency preparedness and response - information needs and excisting tools  
Surveillance of external radiation in Finland – past and future
Janne Koivukoski, Ministry of the Interior
Data and information needs in nuclear emergencies
Aleksi Mattila, STUK
TIUKU - Collaborative Emergency Management Tool
Juhani Lahtinen, STUK
Predicting dispersion of radioactive materials in the atmosphere with Silam
Rostislav Kouznetsov, Finnish Institute of Meteorology
EURADOS - European Radiation Dosimetry Group, activities in environmental monitoring
Tero Karhunen, STUK


Radiological and nuclear emergency preparedness and response - novel developments  
NERIS - European Platform on preparedness for nuclear and radiological emergency response and recovery
Maarit Muikku, STUK
The IEC 63047 list-mode data format and the EMPIR Preparedness project
Jan Paepen, Joint Reserch Center, Geel
Imaging and localizing gamma and neutron sources
Vladyslav Litichevskyi, Helsinki Institute of Physics
NFacet 3D, Direction-sensitive neutron spektrometer
Sakari Ihantola, Helsinki Institute of Physics
Optical imaging and locating of radioactive materials
Juha Toivonen, Tampere University of Technology
Deep learning and its applications in radiation safety studies
Tarmo Lipping, Tampere University of Technology