What is radiation What is radiation
What is radiation

Applications of radiation

Applications of radiation

In public health care, radiation can be used to examine and treat patients. Examinations are X-ray or isotope examinations. In examinations or procedures that use radiation, care is taken to ensure that radiation exposure to the patient is kept to a minimum. In treating cancer, large doses of radiation are used to destroy diseased tissue. Read more about use of radiation in health care.

In industry radiation is used in several ways. For example in quality control of materials, measuring the level of containers, or monitoring the thickness or consistency of paper. Radiation is also used in non-destructive testing. Read more about use of radiation in industry.

Practical applications for non-ionising radiation are, among others, lasers, microwave ovens, solariums, mobile telephones, MRI devices in the medical field, and industrial heaters.

Uses of radiation and their comparative portions. Radiation is used in about 1500 locations and 9000 individual radiation sources or devices are in use. Dental X-ray machines are not included in these figures. There are about 5000 of these used in 2000 locations.