UV radiation, sun and sunbeds UV radiation, sun and sunbeds
UV radiation, sun and sunbeds

Nordic statement: Shades for children’s outdoor areas

Nordic statement: Shades for children's outdoor areas

STUK, together with other Nordic radiation safety authorities, has issued a statement aimed at influencing the availability of enough shades for children in outdoor and play areas. In their statement, the Nordic authorities urge municipalities, city planners, and sports and leisure organizations to consider the need for shade when designing and constructing outdoor spaces for children.

In the shade, the UV radiation from the sun is reduced to half of that in direct sunlight. Children should therefore be offered outdoor areas with both sunny and shady areas. This would provide an environment with sun protection, daylight and comfortable temperatures.

The statement also draws attention to the fact that kindergartens and schools, as well as managers of sports and leisure activities outdoors, should incorporate sun safety into health education and promotion programmes. When children and their parents have enough information about the risks and benefits of the sun, they can also properly protect themselves from excessive sunshine.

The Nordic Radiation Safety Authorities emphasize that you should protect yourself from too much sun by spending time in shade, avoiding the midday sun, wearing protective clothing and wearing sunglasses and sunscreen.