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Use of radiation in beauty care

Ingressi Use of radiation in beauty care

Many beauty care technologies are based on treating the skin or the body with non-ionizing radiation. The technologies used include, but are not limited to, laser equipment, light pulses (IPL), radio frequency radiation (RF), ultrasound, and infrared and ultraviolet radiation. These technologies are used, for example, for tattoo or hair removal, skin conditioning (tightening), fat or cellulite removal, curing gel nail polishes or skin cleansing. Safety aspects are critical in the treatments, since excessively strong radiation can cause a multitude of injuries.

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Drawing of the womb of a pregnant woman and of the foetus she protects with her hands.

If you are pregnant

Pregnant women should consider the risks of treatments very carefully. For example, the strong ultrasound waves used in ultrasound cavitation can reach the foetus, endangering its health. Moreover, cavitation can release substances bound with body fat, which poses a risk to the foetus or breast-fed babies.
STUK press release 22 March 2017