Transmission lines in urban planning

Transmission lines in urban planning

It is important to pay attention to the magnetic fields caused by transmission lines already in the planning phase. The action level of 200 µT of a magnetic field, as set out in the Decree (1045/2018), does not prevent construction in the vicinity of a transmission line. However, sensible caution is advised because the long-term adverse effects of magnetic fields are not yet fully known. This uncertainty may understandably worry people.

When planning to build in the vicinity of power lines, the magnetic field should be determined on a per power line basis. The magnetic flux density in the vicinity of a power depends on the structure and current of the conductor. For example, with a double circuit tower structure, the magnetic flux density decreases while the distance increases significantly faster than with a stayed portal support structure.

Magnetic fields caused by a transmission line can be inquired from the owner of the transmission line. STUK may assist in clarifying magnetic fields and give a statement on the plan proposal, if necessary.

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