Transmission of electricity and power lines Transmission of electricity and power lines
Transmission of electricity and power lines

STUK recommends sensible caution

STUK recommends sensible caution

Construction is not permitted on the line corridor of transmission lines for electrical safety reasons. The holder of transmission lines may also restrict construction on the border zones of the line corridor. The width of the restricted area depends on the transmission line, and it can be inquired from the holder of the transmission line. The Decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (1045/2018) does not restrict construction or staying in the vicinity of power lines. As the risks associated with long-term exposure to magnetic field cannot be ruled out, it is advisable to avoid unnecessary exposure to magnetic fields.

Scientific uncertainty about the potential link between childhood leukaemia and the magnetic fields of power lines can understandably cause concern to families with children. This is why STUK recommends avoiding the construction of permanent residences for children, such as homes, nurseries and schools, in areas where the magnetic flux density continuously exceeds the level of approximately 0.4 µT. When planning to build near transmission lines, the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority can be asked for a statement on the radiation safety.

The national main grid operator Fingrid Oyj and distribution network companies provide advice on questions related to the electrical safety of transmission lines, including work with lifters and hoists and forest work conducted under transmission lines.

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