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Small modular reactors

Small modular reactors

A small modular reactor refers to a nuclear reactor whose electrical power is less than 300 MW (megawatts). They are abbreviated as SMR (Small Modular Reactor).

Nuclear power plants with a small modular reactor must be as safe as larger nuclear power plants. The nuclear facility licensees responsible for the safety of nuclear energy use must comply with the Finnish legislation and provisions supplementing it both in the use of the plant and in licensing.

Regulations concerning nuclear power plants in Finland are prepared with large nuclear power plants in mind, which means that they are not always fully applicable to small modular reactors. The regulations are being renewed while also taking into account that a licence for the construction of a small modular reactor may also be applied in Finland in the future.

When amending the regulations, STUK will study the SMRs and related licensing issues mainly by participating in the international cooperation and discussion on the small modular reactor safety and licensing practices.