The nuclear facility project of Fennovoima

The nuclear facility project of Fennovoima

Fennovoima submitted an application for a decision-in-principle concerning a nuclear facility project to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in 2009. The application’s submission was preceded by an assessment of the project’s environmental impact. The Government decision-in-principle on Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant project given in 2010 was favourable and subsequently confirmed by the Parliament.

According to the decision-in-principle, Fennovoima was supposed to apply for a construction licence for the nuclear power plant unit by the end of June 2015; the company submitted its application on 30 June 2015. Fennovoima has selected Hanhikivi, Pyhäjoki, as the location for the nuclear power plant, and the selected type of the facility is the AES-2006 pressurised water reactor of the Russian Rosatom.

STUK provided the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment with a preliminary safety assessment and a statement on Fennovoima’s application for the decision-in-principle and the supplement thereto. STUK is prepared to process the construction licence application concerning Fennovoima’s facility project.

The EIA procedure

For new nuclear power plant projects, an EIA procedure in accordance with environmental legislation is to be conducted.

The procedure is two-phased: first the utilities draw up EIA programmes and thereafter, EIA reports. The liaison authority for both phases is MEE.

The Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) has issued MEE their own statements on the EIA programmes and reports. The statements are available in Finnish.


Fennovoima submitted to MEE their application for a Decision-in-Principle on 14 January 2009.

STUK gave MEE its preliminary safety assessment on the project in October 2009.

23 May 2014 STUK submitted to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment a Preliminary Safety Assessment concerning the supplemented Decision-In-Principle of the Fennovoima nuclear power plant project.

The MEE website carries real-time information on the progress of the projects.

Fennovoima’s plan for the Hankivi nuclear power plant, conceptual image.




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