Nuclear facility projects Nuclear facility projects
Nuclear facility projects

Safety goals

The general safety goal set for the new nuclear power plant requires that the risks it poses to the population in its environment are significantly lower than the risks posed by the facilities currently in use.

Safety is the key principle behind the planning of the new nuclear facility. Although the new facility will employ previously proven solutions, it will also be required to effect improvements in comparison to current facilities with regard to all aspects in which safety can be increased in a functional way. The further improvement of safety is based on safety research as well as on domestic and international operating experiences.

The starting point for the new facility’s planning is preparation for a severe accident. The protections against external threats will also be reinforced. Among other things, the planning of the new facility prepares for the collision of a large passenger plane. In addition, the planning accounts for other modern-day external threats.

All possible hazardous situations must be analysed as early as during the facility’s planning phase, and reliable technical protection must be planned for each such situation.