Nuclear facility projects

Nuclear facility projects osioetusivun yläteksti

A new nuclear power plant is currently being built in Finland at Olkiluoto, Eurajoki. The construction of a spent nuclear fuel disposal facility at Olkiluoto has also started. The planned Hanhikivi nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki has not yet received a construction licence.

An applicant for a construction licence for a new nuclear facility must first draw up an environmental impact assessment, EIA. After this, they can apply for a decision-in-principle according to the Nuclear Energy Act. Once this has been obtained from the Government, they can apply for a construction licence and, finally, an operating licence. The same licence process applies to a spent nuclear fuel final disposal facility.

STUK oversees the safety requirements of new plants. STUK prepares estimates and statements on the safety of projects at various stages of the plant licensing process.

VTT is about to start the decommissioning and dismantling of the first nuclear reactor in Finland, the FiR 1 research reactor in Otaniemi, Espoo. STUK will oversee radiation and nuclear safety also in the decommissioning phase.

Osion etusivun kuvanosto Nuclear power plant projects

Nuclear power plant under construction.

Nuclear power plant projects

Finland’s fifth nuclear power plant unit is under construction in Olkiluoto and the plans for constructing Finland’s sixth nuclear power plant unit in Pyhäjoki are underway.

Decisions regarding nuclear facilities

Osion etusivun kuvanosto The encapsulation and final disposal facility of spent nuclear fuel

Longitudinal cross-section of Posiva’s encapsulation facility, conceptual image.

Nuclear fuel encapsulation and final disposal facility

The planning for the construction of a nuclear fuel encapsulation and final disposal facility in Olkiluoto is underway.

The encapsulation and final disposal facility of spent fuel

Osion etusivun kuvanosto Research reactor in Otaniemi

VTT’s building in Otaniemi.

Research reactor in Otaniemi

VTT stopped using the FiR 1 research reactor in Otaniemi, Espoo in June 2015 and the reactor was shut down permanently. VTT is preparing an operating licence application for the decommissioning of the reactor.

Decommissioning of the research reactor