Exposure can be reduced by simple means

Exposure can be reduced by simple means

Health effects of mobile phones are marked by a number of uncertainties. For this reason; STUK recommends that unnecessary exposure to radiation from mobile phones be avoided. In particular, children’s unnecessary exposure should be avoided as their life-long exposure will be longer than that of those who begin using mobile phone as adults and as only scant research exists on health effects to children. This recommendation does not apply to weak exposure generated by base stations, as scientifically valid data on the health effects of such radiation is unavailable at the present time.

You should be advised that:

  • Exposure of the head and body to radiation can be reduced by using a hands free device or by turning on the phone’s speaker and keeping the phone on the table.
  • If the reception is poor – for example, the speaker is in an enclosed space like a car – the device emits more intense radiation compared with a situation where the reception is excellent.
  • If the phone’s network connection is shared with another device such as a porta-ble computer (known as tethering), the phone should be kept on a table or similar location instead of in the user’s pocket.

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