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Laser pointers and effect lasers

Laser pointers and effect lasers

Laser pointers are usually battery-powered laser diodes in pen shape casings that were originally used as a map stick for presentation and lecture purposes.

Acceptable laser pointers in Finland operate in the wavelength range of visible light and have a maximum power of 1 mW (laser class 2). An exception to this is AV equipment equipped with a category 3R laser pointer device with a maximum power of 5 mW. In addition, a type examination certificate is required for laser pointers and they must contain appropriate markings. The CE marking alone is not sufficient.

Laser pointer pen

Laser pointers are often equipped with features such as key rings, torches, and LED lights. Care should be taken with these combinations, because depending on the position of the switch, the device may emit a laser beam or non-hazardous visible light.

Laser pointers must not be aimed at people, nor are they suitable for recreational use. Too powerful a laser pointer can permanently damage your eyes, and even permissible lasers can cause temporary dis-turbances to vision, such as glare, flash blindness, and afterimages. Even temporary disturbances in vi-sion may cause fatal consequences.

Consumers are also sold so-called effect laser devices that produce pre-programmed moving or station-ary laser patterns or beams. Effect lasers intended to liven up outdoor and indoor facilities may pose a risk in some cases. Effect lasers usually belong to laser class 2 and 3R and should not be aimed at humans either. High-power laser devices used for public events (laser class 3B and 4) are subject to inspections carried out by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).  

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