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Laser equipment in beauty care

Laser in beauty care

There are no legal competence requirements for persons overseeing the use of cosmetic laser equipment or the personnel using them. Based on the duty to exercise care, the user must be familiar with the safe use of the device.

In case of injury, the user of laser equipment may not appeal to ignorance, accident, inadequate user instructions or other reasons. The manufacturer and the party releasing the product to the market are also responsible for ensuring that the laser equipment has been appropriately marked and the descriptions included with the equipment are accurate.

The maximum values of laser radiation are specified in Decree 294/2002 of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The limits specified in the decree may only be exceeded on the order of a physician or under the surveillance of one. In this case, the activities must be conducted at a health care unit. In practice, this means that a private operator must have permission to produce private healthcare services. The permits are granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency. Based on the Radiation Act (592/1991), if the practice is obviously detrimental to health or poses a health risk, the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority may order the use of the laser equipment to be discontinued or restricted to meet the requirements.

Class 4 laser equipment exceeds the maximum values of skin exposure, so it may only be used for skin treatment on the order of or supervised by a physician. Common procedures performed with class 4 laser equipment include tattoo and hair removal.

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