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Radiation dose is reduced by sheltering indoors

Radiation dose is reduced by sheltering indoors

To seek shelter indoors means that the population goes indoors.

When it is necessary to shelter indoors, the apartment should be made as tight as possible. Doors, windows and vents are closed. All cracks are sealed with plastic films or sticky tapes. Ventilation is turned off. The purpose of these measures is to reduce the amount of radioactive particles and gases penetrating indoors.

Thick walls and the roof attenuate radiation. Therefore the best shelter is in the middle of a building or in the cellar. Staying in the rooms with big windows should be avoided.

In general, it is necessary to stay indoors only for some hours or 24 hours at most. Although the apartment has been sealed and stopped up, a smallish amount of radioactive substances is filtered in the apartment. After the radioactive cloud has passed, all rooms are ventilated and cleaned carefully.

Protect yourself by staying indoors during a radiation hazard. Follow the instructions given by the authorities.