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What to do in a radiation hazard situation

What to do in a radiation hazard situation

When there is an imminent radiation hazard

  • Go indoors
  • Close doors, windows and vents. Turn off the ventilation
  • Keep food and drink in airtight containers
  • Listen to the radio. The instructions given by the authorities are broadcast on the radio. The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) provides news also in English on the Internet
  • Take an iodine tablet only after the authorities have told you to do so
  • Do not use the telephone

Sheltering indoors during a radiation hazard: Go indoors, turn off the ventilation and close and seal the air vents. Follow the instructions given by the authorities on the radio, TV and Internet.

Information on a radiation hazard situation

There is current information about radiation and nuclear safety on STUK's news pages. In a radiation hazard situation, STUK provides updated information on any changes in the situation. STUK's bulletins include information on how to prepare for foreseeable changes in the situation.

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