STUK supervises STUK supervises
STUK supervises

Supervision of lasers

Supervision of lasers

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority supervises laser equipment intended for consumer use. Laser pointers and laser devices used by cosmetologists are subject to supervision. The pointer may be a pen laser, key ring or LED torch. STUK also monitors laser sights in weapons and bullet guns used for recreational activities equipped with a laser.

Battery-operated laser devices shall be type-examined before the device may be made available for sale, handed over to another party or commissioned in Finland. Type examination shall be carried out on safety class 2, 2M, 3R, 3B or 4 laser devices or laser equipment containing such a laser device. The examination is carried out by an accredited institution or otherwise approved by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The conformity of the device shall be demonstrated by a type-examination certificate. The device shall have the necessary warning and safety class markings and a reference to the European Laser Standard EN 60825-1. The markings, precautions and safety instructions shall be in Finnish and Swedish.

The laser equipment on the market is supervised by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (consumer use, cosmetic laser equipment and show lasers), the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes (toys), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (use in workplaces) and Valvira (medical use).

You must apply for a licence for show lasers from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority

The use of a powerful laser device (laser classes 3B and 4) as a light effect, in an advertisement, in an art-work or in another similar performance or game shall be licenced by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority if people may be present in the location where the device is used or in premises of laser beams. The licence is granted if the equipment used meets the requirements and if the activities may be carried out safely. The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority may attach to the licence conditions which are necessary for ensuring and supervising safety, such as an inspection related to the licence.  


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