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STUK's monitoring projects at workplaces

STUK's monitoring projects at workplaces

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) monitors radon levels at workplaces in Finland. The monitoring is mainly carried out by the employer submitting the results of radon measurements at the workplace to STUK. STUK also carries out monitoring in targeted monitoring projects, where requests for clarifications are sent to workplaces.

STUK carries out intensive monitoring projects on a risk basis for workplaces where the employer is responsible for radon measurements. Projects have been carried out on a sectoral basis, for example in Finnish educational institutions and kindergartens. Monitoring projects have also been targeted at areas where radon measurement results show the highest proportions of concentrations above the reference value in the whole of Finland.

In the monitoring projects, STUK monitors that for each workplace that has received a request for a survey, the employer submits to STUK either the radon measurement result or an explanation of why radon measurements are not necessary by the end of the current measurement period. If necessary, STUK will send a reminder to the workplace.

The monitoring projects and their results are in the tables on the Finnish pages.

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