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Forms for exposures to natural radiation

Forms for exposures to natural radiation

Employers should always report the results of radon measurements primarily via STUK's e-service. The e-service (e-Governance) is also available in English.

STUK's e-service requires strong user authentication through the service. You can log in with your bank credentials, a mobile certificate or a secure card. STUK only receives information related to the measurement site and the employer.

In e-service, the test report is attached to the notification electronically. Please make sure that you have the radon test report file from the laboratory available before logging in. The results will not be saved if the test report is missing. The results will be saved in the national radon database.

STUK e-Governance
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Measurements ordered from STUK do not need to be reported.

The forms for radon measurements at workplaces and natural radiation exposure, to be used in case the e-service does not work, and the supplementary information documents are only available in Finnish and Swedish.

In case you need more information in English, contact radonvalvonta (at)