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STUK supervises

Safety analyses

Safety analyses are tools for assessing the safety in nuclear facilities.

Safety analyses are conducted in order to assure that the nuclear facility is designed to be safe and can be used safely. Deterministic and probabilistic approaches complete each other.

STUK inspects deterministic safety analyses and probabilistic risk analyses relating to the construction licence, operating licence and operation of nuclear power plants. If necessary, STUK carries out its own independent comparison analyses to ensure the reliability of the results.

Deterministic safety analyses

Deterministic safety analyses refer to disruption and accident analyses for justifying technical solutions in nuclear power plants as required in STUK’s YVL Guides. Licensees update the analyses when renewing operating licences, at regular safety assessments and whenever extensive modifications are made in the facility.

Probabilistic risk assesment

Probabilistic risk assesment (PRA) refers to quantitative evaluations of threats to the safety of nuclear power plants, the probability and adverse effects of a series of events. PRA can be used to assess major risks in the facility, as a tool for designing nuclear power plants as well as for developing the facility’s operations and technical solutions. Licencees use PRA for maintenance and continuous improvement of the technical safety in nuclear facilities.