STUK supervises STUK supervises
STUK supervises

Regulatory oversight of operations in organizations

Regulatory control of operations in organizations

Regulatory control of operations in organizations is a part of ensuring safety in facilities.

STUK monitors operations in organizations by assessing safety management, management and quality management systems, personnel qualifications, training and operating experience. The goal is to ensure that the organization in the power company and its main suppliers function in a way that facility safety is secured on all levels.

Personnel training and qualifications

STUK monitors personnel training and qualifications by conducting inspections, approving certain persons in power companies and by assessing companies’ ability to take care of safety during events and annual maintenance. The main persons approved by STUK are the manager responsible for safety during construction and operation of nuclear facilities, supervisors working in facility control rooms and persons responsible for emergency response, safety and nuclear commodities.

Operating experience

The development of science and technology as well as operating experiences must be considered in order to continuously improve safety in nuclear power plants. Operating experience from abroad must also be analysed systematically, and measures for improving safety must be taken when needed. STUK oversees that the power companies’ operating experience efficiently prevents the recurrence of events. STUK pays particular attention to power companies’ ability to detect and identify the reasons for the events and to correct the underlying vulnerabilities in the organization’s activities. In addition, STUK analyses domestic and international operating experiences and sets requirements to improve safety when needed.

Event investigation

An investigation team is appointed when the power company’s own organisation has not acted according to plan in an event or when the event is deemed to lead to significant changes in the technical structure of the facility or the facility instructions. STUK appoints its own investigation team if the power company has not sufficiently investigated the root causes for the event.