STUK supervises STUK supervises
STUK supervises

Regulatory oversight of facility projects

Regulatory control of facility projects

STUK assesses the safety in nuclear facilities starting from the application for a decision-in-principle.

The construction of a nuclear power plant, interim storage facilities and disposal facilities for spent nuclear fuel requires the Government’s decision-in-principle on the construction of the facility being in the overall interest of society. STUK is tasked with preparing a statement and a preliminary safety assessment on the application for the decision-in-principle. In connection with the application for a decision-in-principle, the applicant also presents an assessment of the project’s environmental impact. STUK issues a statement on the application for a construction or operating licence submitted to the Government and attaches its safety assessment to the application.

STUK oversees the different stages of planning and building nuclear facilities

In facility projects, STUK carries out regulatory oversight and inspections in advance to ensure that the power company that plans to build the facility, the plant provider in charge of planning and building the facility, and its main contractors meet the requirements for a high-quality implementation of the project.

The plans for the facility must be approved before the construction of the facility is started and the implementation must meet requirements before an operating licence is issued. The same applies to equipment and structures.

STUK inspects and supervises the planning and implementation of equipment and structures that have the greatest significance regarding safety. The inspection of other equipment and structures has been issued to inspection organizations approved by STUK. STUK monitors inspection organizations’ operations.

Before the facility is started, documentation proving that the facility has been planned and built in accordance with Finnish safety requirements must be submitted to STUK. In addition, prerequisites that the facility can be operated safely must be presented to STUK. These prerequisites include, among other things, trained operators that have been proven qualified, necessary instructions for operating the facility, safety and emergency arrangements, a maintenance programme and maintenance personnel, as well as radiation protection personnel. After STUK has ensured that the implementation is safe and the organization is prepared, STUK prepares a safety assessment and statement on the operating licence. The operating licence is a requirement for loading fuel in the reactor.