STUK supervises STUK supervises
STUK supervises

Regulatory oversight of facilities’ operating conditions

Regulatory control of facilities’ operating conditions

Regulatory oversight during operation includes continuous safety assessments.

By conducting regulatory oversight during operation in nuclear facilities, STUK aims to ensure that facilities are and will remain in a condition according to requirements, function as intended and that they are used in accordance with regulations.

Regulatory oversight is targeted at facilities’ operations, systems, equipment and structures, facility modifications, as well as the organizations’ activities.

Regulatory oversight of technical operating conditions in nuclear facilities is conducted by assessing whether facility operations are in accordance with the safety technical requirements in the licence conditions, by supervising annual maintenances, facility maintenance and ageing management, radiation safety, safety arrangements and emergency preparedness.

In regulatory oversight, STUK uses periodic and event-specific reports submitted by licensees. Based on the reports, STUK gains an insight into the use of the facilities and the facility operators’ activities. STUK also assesses the safety in nuclear facilities by conducting inspections at facility sites and equipment manufacturers as well as using operating experiences and safety studies. Based on safety assessments during operation, both the licensee and STUK assess the need and possibilities for improving safety.

Local on-site STUK inspectors conduct daily regulatory oversight of the use of facilities. The local inspectors assess faults, monitor repairs of faults and testing of important safety equipment.

Comprehensive safety is the sum of nuclear power plant safety and organizational activities for ensuring safety. STUK’s assessment of the safety of a nuclear power plant during operation comprises operational occurrences, annual maintenance, inspections, key figures, reports, meetings, resident inspectors, document reviews, projects, modifications and periodic inspection/construction inspection programmes.