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Operating licence

The operating licence for a nuclear facility is applied for from the Government. The detailed procedures concerning the application and its processing are laid down in the Nuclear Energy Act and the Nuclear Energy Decree.

The conditions for granting an operating licence are provided for by section 20 of the Nuclear Energy Act. STUK provides a statement on the application for an operating licence. The appended safety assessment includes STUK’s opinion on whether the requirements provided in legislation are met with regard to matters that fall within the scope of STUK’s purview. When preparing the statement, STUK requests the Advisory Committee on Nuclear Safety and, if necessary, other specialist organisations to provide statements on the assessment.

In Finland, the licence to operate a nuclear facility is always granted on a fixed-term basis. When considering the length of the licence’s validity, special attention is given to ensuring safety and the estimated duration of the operations. STUK may interrupt the operation of a nuclear power plant if so required in order to ensure safety.