STUK supervises STUK supervises
STUK supervises

Nuclear safety

STUK oversees nuclear safety

Nuclear safety supervision covers nuclear power plants, nuclear materials and nuclear waste. The supervision is based on the Nuclear Energy Act (990/1987). STUK is tasked with establishing detailed safety requirements with regard to the use of nuclear energy and ensuring, by way of independent supervision, that power companies producing energy operate in accordance with the requirements. The supervision is based on up-to-date guidelines, extensive inspections and regularly performed safety reassessments.

According to the Nuclear Energy Act, a licensee must ensure safety. STUK supervision serves to ensure that the licensee bears its responsibility.

Finland has three nuclear power plants with a total of five nuclear power plant units, two in Loviisa and three in Olkiluoto. The most important goal in the supervision of nuclear power plants is to ensure that the reactor remains under control in all situations. The supervision also extends to any plans concerning nuclear power plant projects in Finland. In addition, STUK supervises VTT’s research reactor located in Otaniemi, Espoo, and its decommissioning.

Safeguarding nuclear materials, i.e. surveillance aimed at preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons, assures that nuclear materials and other nuclear products remain in peaceful use, in accordance with permits and declarations, and that nuclear facilities and nuclear technology are used only for peaceful purposes.

The regulatory control of nuclear waste management includes oversight of handling, storage and disposal of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste as well as spent nuclear fuel and decommissioning of nuclear facilities.


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