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Regulation fees for radiation practices

Regulation fees for radiation practices

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority regulates the safety of the use of radiation and other radiation practices under the Radiation Act (592/1991).

Safety control includes, among others, defining the safety criteria, the safety licence procedure, inspections, individual monitoring of radiation workers, managing the records necessary for regulation and providing safety information to customers.

STUK verifies the regulatory service price list based on absorption costing. The price list is based on Section 69 of the Radiation Act (592/1991, amendment 1334/1994), Sections 6 and 8 of the Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State (150/1992) and the decision by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health regarding charges and grounds for payment (580/1993).

The price list presents the annual regulation fees for operations under a safety licence and the one-time fees for the most common regulatory actions. If a fixed fee is presented for an inspection or other action (basic fee), it covers the preparation costs, drawing up an inspection protocol or other related document, travel expenses and any other expenses related to the action.

If a paid regulatory action is not listed in the price list, the absorption cost is calculated case-specifically based on the valid hourly rates. The hourly rates vary depending on how demanding the work is. The hourly rates cover the work costs, possible equipment costs and general costs. Direct expenses for travel, for instance, are charged separately.


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