STUK supervises STUK supervises
STUK supervises

Laser shows

STUK must be notified of any laser displays and shows.

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority inspects the high-power laser equipment (classes 3B and 4) used in concerts and other public shows before it may be put to use. The responsible party always has the obligation to present the equipment to STUK for inspection at the place of use before it is put to use. The initial inspection must be requested 30 days before the scheduled use so that STUK has sufficient time to inspect the equipment. After the initial inspection, STUK may issue operators 3-year approvals. In this case, it is sufficient to submit to STUK for approval an installation plan for individual displays. If the operator does not have a licence, the show will be inspected in advance on site. STUK may also carry out spot-checks of approved operators at the place of use. In outdoor shows, the other supervisory authority is Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom), which focuses on air traffic safety.

Guide ST 9.4, Radiation safety of high power display lasers, describes STUK’s regulatory procedure and the detailed requirements for the laser equipment and its structure as well as installation and operational safety requirements.


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