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Dose register


An extranet service is linked to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority's updated dose register, the use of which requires personal access rights.

Access rights may be granted to managers responsible for the safety of the use of radiation, persons appointed by responsible parties to take care of dose register matters, and physicians responsible for medical surveillance regarding category A radiation work. Access rights are not granted to individual employees.

Extranet service for dose register can be used with following or newer versions of web browsers: Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 31.3.0 ESR, Firefox 41, Chrome 45 ja Safari 6.

The signed application form should be returned to the following address:

STUK - Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority
Dose Register
P.O. Box 14

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority will send the applicant a personal username and password by e-mail.

Ordering dose register information

Information from the dose register is only released to persons authorised to receive it. The information can be requested by the employee in question, radiation safety officer or contact person appointed to take care of individual monitoring. The dose register contains personal data in the disclosure of which the Personal Data Act (523/1999) and the Radiation Act (592/1991) must be observed.

An employee’s dose report and radiological monitoring document may be requested with the form provided here or via the dose register extranet service.

The completed order form can be sent by mail (address at the bottom of the form) or by e-mail doseregister(at)

Do not send any sensitive information by e-mail.

STUK's Securedmail enables you to send confidential information. (Link opens in a new browser window)

Ordering dose register information (pdf) (in Finnish)

A fee specified in STUK’s regulatory service price list is charged for the documents.

An employee’s dose report can also be printed out via the extranet free of charge. The radiological monitoring document is signed and stamped, which means that it cannot be printed out independently.

The employee's dose report (in Finnish, Swedish or English) shows the entire dose history of the employee in question. A typical purpose of use is to provide dose information to the physician responsible for the medical surveillance of a radiation worker, for example.

Together with a medical certificate issued by the physician responsible for medical surveillance, the radiological monitoring document makes up a so-called “radiation passbook”, which is required for category A radiation work in another EU country. The radiological monitoring document, which indicates the employee's dose information for the past five years, is provided in English and is always in a set format.

N.B.! The procedure for those travelling to Swedish nuclear power plants has changed as of 1 January 2015.



Dose register
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