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Radiation work abroad

A so-called “radiation passbook” is required for radiation work abroad. The radiation passbook requires a radiological monitoring document, which is ordered from STUK.

When a person starts radiation work in the EU as a category A worker, he or she must provide the foreign employer with a radiation passbook. Other workers who are starting radiation work abroad should also check with their future employer for the necessary documents.

As of 1 January 2015, a radiological monitoring document is also necessary for persons starting work for a Swedish nuclear power plant.

Finnish radiation passbook comprises two parts

The radiation passbook comprises a radiological monitoring document, which is ordered from STUK, and a medical certificate issued by the physician responsible for the medical surveillance of category A workers. The radiological monitoring document contains information about the worker’s earlier radiation exposure. The medical certificate indicates that the worker is fit for radiation work.

More information on the radiation passbook is presented in Guide ST 7.4, and a form for requesting information is available on the STUK website.

The radiological monitoring document must be returned to STUK

The foreign employer or dosimetric service will update the radiological monitoring document with the details of radiation exposure during work and the duration of the work. When the work abroad comes to an end, the radiological monitoring document must be returned to STUK, where its data is entered in the dose register. A new radiological monitoring document can only be issued after the previous document has been returned.


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