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Planning of operations

Radiation practices shall be planned for minimizing radiation exposure as much as possible. A quality management system for the use of radiation must also be created at the planning stage of the operations.

For the safe use of radiation, the responsible party requires a sufficient organization for the use of radiation, appropriate facilities and compliant equipment, the necessary expertise and qualified and trained personnel.

The radiation exposure caused by the operations must be estimated at the planning stage and compared to the maximum values. The maximum values are the dose limits prescribed in the Radiation Decree, and they must not be exceeded. There are separate dose limits for workers and the members of the public.

As there is no safe threshold value for radiation exposure, it is not sufficient to demonstrate that radiation exposure does not exceed the maximum values. Radiation practices are acceptable only when measures have been taken to minimize radiation exposure as much as possible at reasonable expense and by practical means.

The responsible party must consider the possible abnormal incidents in advance and take measures for preventing them. Furthermore, it must prepare a procedure for abnormal incidents.

The planning of operations includes creating a quality management system for the use of radiation. The system must cover all the stages of radiation practices: planning, operation and decommissioning.