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Workers’ responsibility

Radiation workers must take care of their own and other persons’ safety and follow in their work the provisions of radiation legislation as well as the instructions provided by the responsible party and the radiation safety officer.

Workers have the responsibility to

  • wear the necessary protective devices
  • participate in medical surveillance and monitoring of radiation exposure as agreed
  • maintain their competence and attend supplementary training on radiation protection
  • notify the responsible party or radiation safety officer of any known actions that violate the regulations and instructions, issues that compromise radiation safety and equipment failures.

The need for protection during pregnancy and breastfeeding must be emphasized to female radiation workers of the reproductive age. This is necessary especially in positions that involve the risk of an accident that may lead to exceptional exposure to radiation.

When a female category A worker learns of her pregnancy, she must notify the responsible party and the physician responsible for medical surveillance pregnancy for the purposes of protecting the foetus and rearranging her duties. The duties shall be arranged so that the equivalent dose of the foetus can be kept as low as reasonably achievable, nor shall the dose exceed 1 mSv for at least the remainder of the pregnancy. A pregnant worker cannot serve in a category A position.

When a woman has announced that she is breastfeeding an infant, she must not be kept in a position involving intake of radioactive substances.


Use of radiation in health care
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