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Safety in radiation practices

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Osion etusivun tekstinosto Principles of radiation protection

Principles of radiation protection

The purpose of radiation protection is protecting people, society, the environment and future generations from the harmful effects of radiation.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Planning of operations

Planning of operations

Radiation practices shall be planned for minimizing radiation exposure as much as possible. A quality management system for the use of radiation must also be created at the planning stage of the operations.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Liability for the use of ionizing radiation

Liability for the use of ionizing radiation

According to the Radiation Act (592/1991), the responsible party is liable for safety in the use of radiation.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Safety licence

Safety licence

A safety licence is required for the use of radiation. Use of radiation includes all practices concerning radiation sources, such as trade in radiation sources and the manufacture, possession, servicing, repairs, import and export of radiation sources. Radiation sources include X-ray equipment, radioactive substances or devices that contain them.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Radiation user's organization

Radiation user’s organization

The extent of the radiation user’s organization and the organization description are essentially dependent on the nature and extent of the use of radiation. In simple circumstances, it is sufficient to appoint a radiation safety officer and describe his or her duties.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Protection of workers

Protection of workers

Monitoring of radiation exposure and medical surveillance are part of the protection of workers.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Radiation shielding of premises

Radiation shielding of premises

The radiation shielding of radiation appliances and the premises of use of radioactive substances must be planned and constructed in a way that ensures that use of radiation does not cause a hazard. The workload and usage methods of the equipment and sources as well as the use of the premises must be taken into account already at the planning stage. Unauthorized acquisition of radiation appliances and radioactive materials must be prevented.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Radiation appliances and quality assurance

Radiation appliances and quality assurance

All radiation appliances in use must be suitable for their purpose and compliant with the valid regulations and requirements.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Authorities regulating the use of radiation

Authorities regulating the use of radiation

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) supervises compliance with the Radiation Act and the regulations and orders issued under it. To some extent, the use of radiation and safety of radiation sources are also supervised by other regulatory authorities, such as Valvira and Finnish Customs, in addition to STUK.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Training

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Regulations