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A safety licence is required for the use of X-radiation

A safety licence is required for the use of X-radiation

The safety licence for veterinary X-ray operations requires detailed reports, which help ensure the safety of personnel.

Safety licence

The use of X-ray equipment requires a safety licence in accordance with the Radiation Act. The licence application is submitted to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in writing before the start of operations.

The following documentation must be enclosed with the safety licence application:

  • technical specifications of the X-ray equipment
  • floor plan of the place of use of the X-ray equipment; preferably detail drawings in paper size A4 (or A3)
  • certificate of the qualifications of the person proposed for the post of radiation safety officer
  • extract from the trade register, if the licence application is submitted by a company, co-operative or other community.

An application must be submitted to change the safety licence if the X-ray equipment, its place of use, owner or radiation safety officer changes. Reports regarding the change must be enclosed with the application.

The radiation safety of the operations is the responsibility of the radiation safety officer, who must have qualifications approved by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority. The qualification requirements are presented in Guides ST 1.4 and ST 1.8.

Inspection for places of use

The X-ray equipment used for veterinary examinations and the safety of their use is usually inspected at the start of operations and then at regular intervals. An inspection is also conducted when the X-ray equipment is moved to another place of use or replaced. Re-inspections are conducted where needed if it is necessary for the nature of the operations and for ensuring radiation safety.