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Content of the inspection

The aim of an inspection is to ensure that the use of radiation meets the safety requirements presented in the statutes and meets the licence conditions and regulations. Radiation measurements are conducted where needed to check the functioning of radiation appliances and ensure adequate radiation shielding. Health care inspections also pay special attention to the radiation exposure of patients.

The content of the inspection is highly dependent on the nature of the operations and whether procedure is an periodical inspection, commissioning inspection or another type of inspection. Typical matters reviewed during periodical inspections:

  • Contact information and other information of the safety licence up to date
  • Scope of the use of radiation
  • Tasks, qualifications and supplementary training of the radiation safety officer
  • Tasks and training of the other responsible managers (if other persons are involved in the use of radiation)
  • Instructions regarding the use of radiation, including instructions in case of abnormal incidents
  • Record of sources and documents on sources and, if needed, on dosimetry and access rights, for example.
  • Storage and decommissioning or radiation sources
  • Transport arrangements of radioactive substances
  • Protection of employees and outside persons
  • Classification, dosage monitoring and medical monitoring of exposed workers
  • Any available radiation meters
  • Installation and use of radiation sources, protections, marking and maintenance
  • If necessary, radiation measurements at places of use or near equipment
  • In health care radiology units, performance of clinical audits and taking audit observations into account in practices
  • In health care X-ray operations, determination of normal patient doses and comparing them to STUK’s reference levels.

An inspection protocol is drawn up based on the inspection, presenting the essential observations of the inspection, with orders and recommendations, if needed. A fee according to the regulatory service price list is charged for the inspection.

The inspection protocol may issue orders for ensuring the safety of radiation operations and rendering radioactive waste harmless.  A deadline is set for the orders.

If, during an inspection, it is discovered that the operations cause or may cause obvious detriment to health and the situation must be corrected without delay, the inspector may give an immediate order to interrupt or limit the operations at the place of use of radiation.


Use of radiation in health care
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