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Quality control of equipment and regulatory control exercised by STUK

Quality control of equipment and regulatory control exercised by STUK

Dental X-ray equipment and the associated auxiliary equipment and devices must meet the in-service acceptability criteria.

Dental X-ray examinations are performed based on a dentist’s or physician’s referral. The need for dental X-ray imaging must always be analysed individually for each patient, and the examination must benefit the patient. Dental X-ray imaging must be conducted in a way that enables achieving the objective of the examination while minimising the radiation exposure of the patient, staff and other persons.
In order to achieve the objective, diverse quality assurance of the entire imaging chain and quality control of the equipment are required. A quality assurance programme must be drawn up for the dental X-ray practices and equipment. For more information about quality assurance, read Guide ST 3.1 and the guide for quality control of dental X-ray practices and the radiation shielding of imaging rooms.


The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority regulates the use of dental X-ray equipment on the basis of the Radiation Act (592/1991). STUK monitors that dental X-ray practices meet the requirements set for it. When operations are initiated or when new dental X-ray equipment is commissioned, sufficient documentation containing the necessary reports on the safe use of radiation must be submitted to STUK. A piece of dental X-ray equipment can be commissioned once the equipment has been reported to STUK and approval for its use has been received from STUK. Changes in the holder, place of use or radiation safety officer of the equipment or its decommissioning must be reported immediately. The responsible party must ensure the safe use of radiation.

The monitoring of intraoral X-ray equipment is based on test packages and questionnaires that are sent to the places of use. The operator irradiates the test package according to the instructions using the equipment specified in the cover letter, and sends it to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority for analysis. The test package is used to check the appropriate functioning of the equipment (such as the radiation dose). If the test result gives cause, a special inspection of the place of use is carried out.

Panoramic tomography X-ray equipment and CBCT equipment is inspected at the place of use. Inspections examine the functioning of the equipment, the radiation shielding of the place of use, work methods in practical work and the organisation of quality control. After inspections, a protocol is drawn up presenting the measurement results and any deficiencies which, as per STUK’s orders, must be corrected by the deadline.


Dental X-ray examinations
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