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Dental X-ray examinations

Dental X-ray examinations

Justification analysis by a dentist is required for dental X-ray examinations.

X-ray examinations of the dental and face region are an important diagnosis and treatment monitoring tool for dentists. Various dental X-ray examinations are carried out at fewer than 2,000 locations around Finland. Compared to all X-ray examinations, there are many dental X-ray examinations, but they are focused on a small area and cause a relatively small radiation dose to the patient. The X-ray images are always taken in accordance with a dentist’s justification analysis and decision. They are not performed routinely without patient-specific needs analysis.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Conventional dental X-ray operations

Conventional dental X-ray operations

In dental X-ray operations, the responsible party must ensure that the information submitted to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority is accurate.

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Non-conventional dental X-ray operations

The correct utilisation of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) equipment requires special expertise. Special attention must be paid to the patient’s radiation protection when using CBCT equipment.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Attention must be paid to radiation shielding

Attention must be paid to radiation shielding

In dental X-ray imaging, the radiation shielding of the patient must be ensured. Sufficient distance from the patient reduces the radiation exposure of staff.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Quality control of equipment and regulatory control exercised by STUK

Quality control of equipment and regulatory control exercised by STUK

Dental X-ray equipment and the associated auxiliary equipment and devices must meet the in-service acceptability criteria.