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STUK supervises

Regulation of operations

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What does STUK regulate?

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) regulates the use of radiation. Radiation is used in health care, industry and research. The use of radiation must be acceptable, planned and safe.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Changes in the use of radiation

Changes in the use of radiation

If there are changes in the use of radiation by a licensee, they must be reported to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in writing.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Inspections


The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority conducts inspections of places where radiation is used. Inspections help ensure that the use of radiation meets the safety requirements presented in the statutes and meets the licence conditions and regulations.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Implementation procedures

Implementation procedures

The safety licence system, inspections at the place of use of radiation and the necessary orders, prohibitions and enforcement measures form a system for regulating the safety of the use of radiation which is based on the Radiation Act. The enforcement measures are the strongest method the authority can use to correct discovered deviations.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Veterinary X-ray examinations

Veterinary X-ray examinations

The regulation of veterinary X-ray practices emphasises the radiation safety of veterinary personnel.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Dental X-ray examinations

Dental X-ray examinations

Justification analysis by a dentist is required for dental X-ray examinations.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Transport of radioactive substances

Transport of radioactive substances

Radioactive substances constitute class 7 in the legislation governing the transportation of dangerous goods. The transport of a radioactive substance is also considered use of radiation under the Radiation Act, but in the Act it has been exempted from a safety licence.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Warning signs

Warning signs

The responsible party must mark radiation appliances, radioactive substances and their usage and storage locations with the appropriate warning signs.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Regulation of operations Radiation measurements

Radiation measurements

Radiation measurement is necessary in many different places and for a variety of reasons. Meters are made subject to different requirements that can be found in Guide ST 1.9.

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Activities that expose people to cosmic radiation

Activities that expose people to cosmic radiation

Cosmic radiation is particle radiation from the sun or other parts of space. If there is a possibility that the effective dose of aircrews due to cosmic radiation could exceed 1 mSv per year, the responsible party engaged in aviation operations must investigate the extent of cosmic radiation exposure of aircrews.