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Radiation source in scrap metal

Radiation source in scrap metal

Scrap metal may contain radioactive substances or equipment that contains a radiation source.

Radioactive substances in scrap metal can only be identified by measurements. The devices and transport packages that contain radiation sources carry the radiation hazard label. In undamaged devices and transport packages, the radiation source is inside a heavy lead or steel shield.

If you suspect that there is a radiation source in scrap metal or that the metal itself is radioactive, contact the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK telephone exchange: 09 759 881).

Instructions for encountering a radiation source

  • DO NOT unnecessarily touch or lift radiating objects or items labelled with the radiation hazard symbol.
  • DO NOT open or break suspicious packages. Opening them may release radioactive substances.
  • DO NOT touch radioactive objects or materials with bare hands.

Instructions for identifying devices, transport packages and radiation sources, guidelines for minimizing radiation risks and advice for encountering a radiation source are described in more detail in STUK’s poster Varo säteilylähteitä metallinkierrätyksessä (Beware of radiation sources in scrap metal).


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