STUK’s mission is to ensure radiation and nuclear safety in Finland

The mission of STUK is to ensure radiation safety in Finland

The mission of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland (STUK) is to protect people, society, the environment and future generations from the harmful effects of radiation. The goal is to keep the radiation exposure of the Finnish population as low as reasonably achievable and the level of radiation safety as high as possible, while preventing radiation and nuclear accidents.

STUK’s regulation operations are based on legislation, safety regulations and guidelines related to radiation and nuclear safety.
STUK regulates nuclear power plants, other nuclear facilities, nuclear materials and final disposal of nuclear waste.
STUK regulates the use of radiation in health care, industry, research and training. STUK grants licenses for the use of radiation.
For its part, STUK regulates the transport of radioactive substances.

STUK maintains 24-hour emergency preparedness for nuclear accidents and other radiation hazard occurrences. If a radiation hazard occurs, STUK acts as the expert authority, co-operating with other authorities, organizations and experts.

STUK monitors the presence of radiation in the environment round the clock.

Most of the radiation absorbed by people comes from natural radiation. STUK monitors the presence of radon at workplaces and prepares regulations and instructions concerning radon at home. In addition to radon seepage from soil into indoor air, another factor exposing the Finnish population to a significant level of radiation is solar ultraviolet radiation.

STUK also regulates the radiation safety of sunbeds, power lines, mobile phones and other devices that utilize radiation.
STUK operates openly, listens to people and engages in fruitful co-operation with other authorities, organizations and the entire society. Furthermore, an important part of STUK’s operations is participation in international co-operation on radiation and nuclear safety.