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Commercial measurement services

STUK’s measurement services subject to a charge

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) offers companies and private citizens various radiation-associated measuring and expert services, as long as they adhere to STUK’s goals of preventing and limiting the harmful effects of radiation.

Environmental Radiation Surveillance and Emergency Preparedness department has been accredited for the following determination methods: determination of tritium, strontium, plutonium and americium, uranium, lead, polonium, and radon, gamma spectrometric measuring and full body measurements.

Radioactivity measurements are made for example from swipe samples, building materials, industrial products, environmental samples (e.g. sediments, soil, mushroom, different berries, lichen, moss), drinking water samples and excretion samples (urine).

The department of Radiation Practices Regulation performs calibration, performance tests, and irradiation of radiation meters and dosemeters. The quality system is based on international CIPM MRA Mutual Recognition Arrangement.

Furthermore, STUK performs calibration, tests and measurements related to non-ionizing radiation as well as safety assessments upon agreement.