Regulations-osioetusivun ingressi

All regulations can be found in the Stuklex service. Regulations issued in 1995 and after can be found in electronic format in the Finnish Government’s legislation data bank (Finlex). The legislation data bank also contains the rationale of government proposals for acts and decrees and related amendments.

Description of the structure of the regulations. Acts and decrees are legally binding. The regulations are STUK’s mandatory requirements and the regulatory guides are detailed technical requirements.


Osion etusivun kuvanosto Regulations STUK supervises compliance with legislation and regulations

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Regulations Stuklex

StukLex - A legal database

Stuklex is a legal database compiled from essential material in Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’s field of operation. Database contains statutes, regulations and instructions

Osion etusivun tekstinosto Regulations Finlex