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In the Publications section, you can find lists of STUK’s own serial publications and brochures. There is an electronic version of many publications as PDF files. The Julkari electronic publication archive also contains information on scientific articles.

New publication

Björkman, Kim; Holmberg, Jan-Erik; Mätäsniemi, T. Comparing physical protection strategies against insider threats using probabilistic risk assessment. Nuclear Engineering and Design. 2022.
Honkamaa, Tapani; Peräjärvi, Kari; Martikka, Elina. Report of STUK Activities in FINSP, IPNDV and GICNT Initiatives in 2021. 2022.
Luukkonen, Jukka; Höytö, Anne; Sokka, Miiko; Syväoja, Juhani; Juutilainen, Jukka; Naarala, Jonne. Genomic instability induced by radiation-mimicking chemicals is not associated with persistent mitochondrial degeneration. Radiation and Environmental Biophysics. 2021.