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In the Publications section, you can find lists of STUK’s own serial publications and brochures. There is an electronic version of many publications as PDF files. The Julkari electronic publication archive also contains information on scientific articles.

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Tyrväinen, Jukka; Naarala, Jonne; Turtiainen, Tuukka. Can activated carbon filtration of groundwater cause radiation safety problems?. Water Supply1. 2023.
Foley, Shane J; Bly, Ritva; Brady, Adrian P; Ebdon‑Jackson, Steve; Karoussou‑Schreiner, Alexandra; Hierath, Monika; Sosna, Jacob; Brkljačić, Boris; ESR EU-JUST-CT Project consortium. Justification of CT practices across Europe: results of a survey of national competent authorities and radiology societies. Insights Imaging177. 2022.