Strategic targets

Strategic targets

STUK’s strategic targets are divided into three groups: targets related to STUK’s resources (1–3), effectiveness targets (4–6) and societal targets (7–9).

1. The happiest civil servants in the world

It is always nice to come to work when work is significant as well as challenging enough, there are sufficient influencing opportunities and our agency’s atmosphere promotes thanking, complimenting and encouraging. A feeling of togetherness and a culture of trust boost well-being also during the transformation of work and in the changing operating environment. Leadership and organization, internal administration and provided tools make it possible for us to concentrate on essential tasks and to ensure appropriate balance of work and free time. The happiest civil servants in the world create the best government agency in the world, which makes STUK an attractive employer.

2. Ability to understand complex entities

High-quality radiation and nuclear safety expertise lies at the core of STUK’s competence. We need to have competence that is sufficiently in-depth but at the same time comprehensive and that encompasses complex entities. In this way, we succeed in targeting oversight in a risk-informed manner, communicating risks, ensuring the safety of people and the environment and securing society’s ability to function in radiation hazard situations. International assignments and service projects increase our competence. STUK and its specialists are highly sought-after experts for international assignments and service projects.

3. Cost-aware operations

We operate in a more cost-aware manner than before. We plan and develop monitoring constantly taking the needs of the stakeholders into account. We especially work for lightening the cost structure. We create clear principles and procedures for utilising proceeds from the service operations, targeting the development of the personnel and operations.

4. Risk-informed and commensurable oversight

We conduct oversight in a more risk-informed manner in STUK’s entire field of operations to ensure safety, operate influentially and manage workloads. Our oversight is based on safety requirements that are determined in proportion to the risks of the plant or the operations. We cease carrying out tasks that have only minor radiation protection significance for the safety of people, society or the environment.

5. Flexible and efficient working methods

We focus more on results and effectiveness. We work in a more flexible manner, regardless of time and place and ensuring co-operation and a feeling of togetherness. We digitalise oversight and internal administration work processes and tools as well as start using operating methods and facilities that support these processes and tools. We also ensure that our personnel has digital competence. We increase the amount of digital services and develop services in a customer- and user-oriented manner.

6. Effective national radiation safety research

Radiation safety research produces experts, tools and information for the needs of oversight and emergency preparedness. Through co-operation with universities and the TULANET network, we seek to exercise influence on making radiation safety research one of the focus areas for universities and research institutes. We make sure that STUK plays a key role in domestic and international networks that conduct research that is relevant for STUK. For our part, we see to having research financing on a solid foundation so that participation in national and international projects is possible.

7. Emphasising the responsibility of the operators

Safety is not achieved through inspections but is a result of responsible operators’ safety solutions and human efforts. STUK’s target is to exercise positive influence on the operators’ safety culture and coach to safe operations.

The responsibility for safety falls strictly with the operators. This responsibility is further emphasised when our oversight focuses on the actors and locations that are most risk significant. At the same time, the oversight responsibility of inspection organizations and operators themselves increases in areas with minor safety significance. We can also increase the operators’ own responsibility and reduce STUK’s oversight when the operators can prove that the safety level of their operations is good. We contribute to the clarity of the division of responsibilities with our communications.

8. People understand the risks of radiation

We provide people with correct and easy-to-understand radiation safety information to enable them to understand, even when subjected to information overload and disinformation, what is hazardous and what is not and consequently act correctly without unnecessary fear. We adopt the role of a more visible and active communicator in society. We want to communicate in a timely, comprehensible, illustrative and humane manner in those forums where people exchange or look for information. At STUK, communicating about radiation and nuclear safety is everyone’s responsibility.

9. Society is resilient to disturbances

Society’s ability to function must be secured in all potential radiation hazard situations. According to the overall safety model, all actors must be involved in ensuring preparedness already at the planning phase. Potential new threats must be identified in advance and changes in safety status must be reacted to by means of oversight and preparedness. In radiation hazard situations, in order to ensure the safety of people and the environment and to secure society’s ability to function, all actors must have clear responsibilities, sufficient resources, a shared situation assessment and consistent communications. Our target is to be a forerunner in preparedness in our own field and, for our part, see to society’s resilience in various radiation hazard situations.

Monitoring and evaluation

The strategic targets are monitored with the aid of an action plan. Indicators are defined for the strategic targets and their realization is reviewed regularly. When the operating environment changes, we will adjust our strategy accordingly.