Strategic development of STUK’s supervision – A regulatory authority with an impact

Strategic development of STUK’s supervision – A regulatory authority with an impact

We set ambitious goals for the development of supervision in STUK’s strategy at the beginning of 2018.

Our social targets are responsible operators and a radiation-safe Finland. High-quality operations and safety are not primarily created through the supervision of the authorities, but the responsible work and good practices of organizations, undertakings and people play the key role. The authorities are tasked with supporting the assumption of responsibility and the development of a risk-informed approach, implementation methods of our supervision and digital regulatory services. The prerequisites for the implementation of these tasks are thriving officials, understanding of the overall situation, effective ways of working and a balanced economy.

STUK’s strategic targets

STUK’s strategic targets are divided into three groups: targets related to STUK’s resources, effectiveness targets and societal targets. More information on Strategic targets -page.

Customer-centric and coaching approach in regulatory control does not compromise safety

We want to ensure, and will be ensuring, that operators using radiation in Finland are responsible, skilful and motivated to bear their responsibility related to the radiation and nuclear safety. The safety regulations, STUK’s supervision and regulatory services must guide operators in this direction and encourage them. Simultaneously, our supervision must effectively identify the operators whose activities involve shortcomings and show signs of risks, and to address these shortcomings.

Our goal is to develop STUK’s regulatory services to be more customer-centric and better capable of utilizing the opportunities provided by digitalization. The goal of the risk-informed targeting of supervision is to pay more attention to the self-monitoring of the operators and allocate more regulatory control to operators and areas which show signs of shortcomings in their operations. For this purpose, we are also developing the utilization of supervision data and knowledge-based management.

This development requires changes in the basic elements of regulatory work. The key changes in the basic elements are:

Strategic development of STUK’s supervision – A regulatory authority with an impact: The key changes in the basic elements

Strategic development of STUK’s supervision – A regulatory authority with an impact: Achieving results with cooperation between authorities

However, changes made in STUK’s supervision are not alone sufficient to achieve the goals, but the operators must seize this opportunity and do their part. We will involve the required stakeholders in this development work.

Achieving results with cooperation between authorities

In accordance with the government objectives, we want to utilize the existing regulatory services and supervision solutions or develop them together with other government agencies. We believe that shared or harmonized regulatory services, supervision and the so-called one-shop-stop principle will also ease the operators’ use of the services and facilitate data utilization. STUK has shared supervision customers, for example, with the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, Valvira, Regional State Administrative Agencies and municipal authorities. For some of the operators, radiation-related activities are a rather small part of the operations, and they would benefit if the services were offered from one service point.   

We are already cooperating in many ways with several authorities and agencies, and are also interested in new partnership opportunities.

Areas controlled by STUK which are subject to the strategic development of supervision:

  • Nuclear facility supervision and other supervision of the use of nuclear energy
  • Use of radiation in health care
  • Use of radiation in industry
  • Regulatory control of natural radiation (e.g. workplace radon and industrial NORM control)
  • Show laser supervision and other non-ionizing radiation supervision (e.g. beauty care)

Official monitoring remains, but is developing

The cornerstone of our official regulatory work is always the legislation which defines, for example, the principles of good administration as well as the tasks, powers and partly also practices of each authority. With our work, we pursue the best possible effectiveness – in other words, the best value for society’s money.

We base our supervision on a presumption that our customers are reliable and responsible. When necessary, we use different means to instruct, guide and support our customers in taking responsibility. We cannot supervise everything, but our operations are increasingly targeted at assessing the reliability and responsibility of the operator – digitalization and data utilization are continuously opening up new opportunities for the accuracy development of risk-informed regulatory work. We know that not all the operators comply with the legislation and responsible operation rules for one reason or another. Our task is to find these operators and determinedly intervene in their operation through the means available to us.