Changing operating environment

Changing operating environment

STUK responds to the changing operating environment

Changing competence and resource needs

During the strategy period, the amount of oversight will increase, the legislation in the field will be amended, the oversight objects will change and new technology will be adopted. Changes will be brought along by different phases of the oversight object life cycle that are new for our country. The communications environment will be more demanding and actors in central government will change.
We respond to the increase in the amount of oversight by changing STUK’s oversight methods and targeting. In addition to changing the operating culture, we need a new kind of competence that is more comprehensive than before.

New ways of working

Working life is changing at a faster pace than ever before. The new kind of working life requires that workplaces are led well, are capable of adapting to changes, achieve results and take into account the needs of both the personnel and the customers. The change demands that we develop flexible and efficient working methods and boost the well-being of our employees.

Digital services and tools and automation are becoming more common. At STUK, we must recognise their impact on the safety of the use of radiation and nuclear energy and identify opportunities for carrying out oversight in new ways and with new tools.

Transformation of communications

Communications, their speed and channels as well as expectations related to them are changing fast. An enormous amount of media content and online services, created by different organizations and people, are now accessible with mobile devices and they follow the users everywhere. Audiences become fragmented when everyone can choose the content they view. In addition to information provided by institutions, people rely more and more on experience-based information provided by their peers. There is also content that deliberately tries to mislead and influence people.

In the changing communications environment, we want to interact and listen, communicate with the needs of the target groups in mind and find our way to the forums where people discuss. Our goal is to help people to understand the risks of radiation correctly and support society in being resilient to disturbances.

The global security situation is changing

The uneven distribution of prosperity, climate change, regional conflicts, new forms of terrorism and information network vulnerability also affect STUK’s operating environment. Threats are more unforeseeable and multifaceted and preparations must be made for an increase in the number of disturbances. Changes also influence people’s feeling of security.

Our most important task is to ensure the safety and security of the use of radiation and nuclear energy through oversight. In co-operation with other actors, we improve society’s preparedness for various radiation accidents and resilience for disturbances in emergencies.

Administrative changes

Changes in central government, such as the regional government reform, and the state of public finances challenge STUK to further develop its operating methods in co-operation with other actors. In line with the Government’s policies, our goal is to reduce regulation and bureaucracy both in our internal operations and in oversight activities.

In conjunction with changes in central government, we must, above all, see to STUK’s independence and the allocation of sufficient resources for its operations. We play a key role in ensuring that the responsibilities of actors in central government are clear both when preparing for radiation hazard situations and when acting during them. We invest in co-operation exercises.