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null Nuclear safety guides (YVL Guides) updated – changes will not affect the required level of safety

Nuclear safety guides (YVL Guides) updated – changes will not affect the required level of safety

21.2.2019 klo 11:00

The Finnish nuclear safety standards are undergoing a broad updating round. During the spring, STUK will amend the nuclear safety guides (YVL Guides) that contain STUK’s detailed requirements for nuclear facilities. The amended guides will also benefit manufacturers by reducing their administrative burden: the approval of series-produced equipment, for example, will become easier. There will be no major changes to the safety requirements for nuclear power plants.

The YVL Guides are updated as part of updating the entire set of nuclear safety standards, based on changes in international and national standards: the implementation of the amended Nuclear Safety Directive, the Radiation Protection Directive and the Nuclear Waste Directive, updates to the pressure vessel legislation and building regulations as well as updates to the reference levels set by the Western European Nuclear Regulators Association (WENRA). There are altogether 45 YVL Guides, and the updated guides will mainly be published in early 2019.

”Although updates to the standards are not usually very large in terms of their content, all Regulatory Guides on Nuclear Safety must be rendered to comply with current legislation. While seeking to secure the safety of nuclear facilities also in the future, we have taken the opportunity to smoothen the work and reduce the administrative burden of the license-holders by clarifying procedures and requirements”, says Kirsi Alm-Lytz, Director at STUK’s Nuclear Reactor Regulation Department.

Reducing the administrative burden will also benefit the acquisition of equipment and its spare parts, for example. In the future, more alternatives will be available for the approval of series-produced products for use in nuclear facilities.

Guides sent out for comments    

Almost all the draft guides have already passed a comment round. They have also been published on STUK’s website. This year, five old and two entirely new YVL Guides will be sent out for comments.

”We have had fruitful discussions with the responsible parties during the comment rounds. All in all we have received approximately 5,000 change proposals for the guides, of which more than 60 per cent were accepted for implementation. Clearly formulated requirements and purposeful procedures benefit all the parties. However, the licence-holder is responsible for the fulfilment of safety requirements”, says Alm-Lytz.


Six updated guides were published on 20 February (YVL A.2, A.7, A.8, A.9, A.10 and E.5) and the next ones will be published in March. Most of the guides will be published during the spring.

For further information, please contact:

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