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null Investigation of suspected counterfeit products at Finnish nuclear power plants proceeds

Investigation of suspected counterfeit products at Finnish nuclear power plants proceeds

11.4.2017 klo 17:37

At the end of March, Fortum provided STUK with further investigations of the conformity of parts used at the Loviisa nuclear power plant. The investigations were originally carried out because it was discovered in France that parts of somewhat unclear origin had been delivered to nuclear power plants. Investigations were launched in Finland last summer.

STUK received the first investigations from nuclear power plants at the end of last year. Since then the nuclear power plants have been continuing the investigations with respect to open questions. For Loviisa nuclear power plant, STUK recived further investigations at the end of March 2017. However, Fortum will continue to investigate the origin of material of some valves.

The remaining unclear issues are connected with the secondary circuit’s relief valves replaced at the plant between 2014 and 2016. Although the valve material information still needs to be investigated, sufficient information is already available on their operating condition. Comprehensive trials and tests were performed on the equipment at the plant where they were manufactured. Their pressure resistance and operation were already checked before their installation at the nuclear power plant. In addition, the operation of the valves is tested every year.  Any faults are detected reliably at the operational trials.

However, STUK considers that the remaining unclear issues must also be investigated. Fortum will provide STUK with specifications of the above valves by the end of May.

More information:

Deputy Director Tomi Routamo, tel. +358 9 759 88 577
Communications Expert Risto Isaksson, tel. +358 9 759 88 208

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