Radon-free childhood

For many children, the home is a safe haven that provides the child with a basis for a healthy and safe life. Having a child changes your life and your home. Checking the safety of the home and ensuring that it is child-friendly are obvious priorities, but many parents are not aware of the radon concentration of the indoor air of their home or the possible health impacts of radon. Do you know if your child is growing up safe from the harmful effects of radon? By looking into the radon situation in your home and fixing it, you can ensure that your child lives in a safe, radon-free home and lower the risk of lung cancer.

Indoor radon is the most important known cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. The harmful effects of the radiation caused by radon accumulate during your whole life span. This is why exposure to radon should be limited as early as possible. Exposure to radon primarily takes place at home, and thus, measuring the radon concentration levels of the indoor air of residential buildings is important. The only way to find out the radon concentration in indoor air is to measure it.

Radon in indoor air causes 300 cases of lung cancer every year.
The radon concentration in indoor air can only be detected through measurement, as it cannot be seen or smelled.
Lowering high radon concentrations is easy.

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Radon and health

Half of of the annual radiation dose received by people in Finland comes from radon present in indoor air. The exposure to radon should be limited already in childhood since radon accumulates to the body during your whole life span.
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Radon protection

We all have a possibility to live radon-free life. It is easy to measure the radon concentration in indoor air and a measure too high can be reduced with simple mitigation methods.
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