Finns are protected

In Finland, the probability of a serious radiation situation is small. Nonetheless, the risk of emergencies exists. Therefore, preparations for such a situation have been made. Radiation situation is monitored constantly throughout the country. Even the smallest changes are reported immediately. Information about a radiation hazard situation and the instructions relating to it are provided for the public without delay via television and radio.

A serious radiation hazard situation can be caused by a nuclear explosion or an accident at a nuclear power plant. A local radiation situation can be caused by an severe accident during the transportation of radioactive materials, for instance.

Information about an imminent danger of radiation would be received by Finns much before it would be necessary to take protective measures. There are international agreements on the reporting of radiation and nuclear accidents, too.

Communication between the neighbouring countries has been ensured particularly well. For example, the nearby Russian nuclear power plants have communication systems for rapid reporting on accidents. Information about an accident at the Leningrad nuclear power plant can in practice be sent to Finland by pressing a couple of buttons. The message is relayed by satellite. Therefore, possible faults in the telephone network do not hinder communication.

Nearby Nuclear Power Plants

Nearby nuclear power plants

There is always an STUK expert on call. Thus, all alarms relating to radiation and nuclear safety are received by STUK at all hours of the day and night. Emergency operations are started within 15 minutes. The actions of authorities in a radiation hazard situation have been planned in advance. Operations are exercised on a regular basis.

If the radiation hazard situation requires urgent protective measures, people are informed about it with a general alarm siren. Then people must move indoors and listen to the radio and television to learn the instructions for further steps. Instructions include information on how and when to take iodine tablets, protect foodstuffs and go outdoors. There will be news bulletins on every channel. They will interrupt whatever broadcast.

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