In Finland, the probability of a serious radiation situation is small. Nonetheless, the risk of emergencies exists. Therefore, preparations for such a situation have been made. STUK receives information on 24-hour basis of all events and observations that might cause an exceptional situation.

Emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness aims at detecting the danger early and protecting the population effectively against the hazardous effects on radiation.

Finns are protected against radiation hazards

What to do in a radiation hazard situation

When there is an imminent radiation hazard stay indoors, follow the instuctions authorities provide and do not use telephone. Take an iodine tablet only after the authorities have told you to do so.

The Nordic Flag Book

Protective Measures in Early and Intermediate Phases of a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (2014).

Nordic manual

Co-operation, Exchange of Information and Assistance Between Nordic Authorities in Nuclear or Radiological Incidents and Emergencies (rev 2015).